Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Services Program is intended to assist Logan County seniors in need of assistance not provided by another community program in the area.  Many times senior citizens in our area are unable to receive the services they need for a variety of reasons.  PRIDE’s Volunteer Services Program hopes to fill those gaps with trained and vetted volunteers willing to serve.  PRIDE’s Volunteer Services program will offer a variety of services from light house work to lawn care to local transportation.

After submitting an application for service, a Volunteer Services Specialist will contact you regarding the service needed.  Once an assessment is completed and the service is approved, you may be matched with a member of PRIDE’s Shining Stars volunteers.  Once assigned a volunteer, you will be notified of the individual’s name, services they have been approved to provide, and the date in which the service will be completed.  The volunteer will arrive with a PRIDE “Shine Crew” t-shirt and an ID badge.  You can rest assured, this volunteer has completed a background check, drug test and required training to properly provide the services needed.

Volunteer Database

As part of our Volunteer Service Program, a volunteer database has been created to have organized central point of contact for community organizations and volunteers in our area.  Volunteers are necessary to the service delivery and successes of agencies such as PRIDE.  The need of the population we serve is great and it is not always possible to meet that need with the funding we receive.  Volunteers are desperately needed to fill those gaps.

PRIDE Community Services will use a thorough vetting process for all volunteers entered into the volunteer database.  Each volunteer wishing to enter the database will complete a volunteer application.  A questionnaire will be completed to assess qualities and abilities of each volunteer and to assist with matching of volunteers with clients and organizations.  A background check on each volunteer will also be completed, that will include: criminal history, child and adult abuse, and driving record.

Community Closet

An additional part of our Volunteer Services Program is our community closet.  PRIDE’s community closet will store and track donations of medical supplies, medical equipment, hygiene items, emergency supplies and nutritional supplements that may be used by our senior participants or the aging population in the community.

For more information, contact the PRIDE office at (304) 752-6868.